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2020-21 Fellows
Fellowship in Forensic Odontology

     The Fellowship in Forensic Odontology includes intensive and focused background, instruction, and experience designed to prepare dentists for involvement in Forensic Dentistry.
     The underlying principle is to provide education and practical experience and to afford opportunities to accomplish requirements toward achieving membership in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and certification by the American Board of Forensic Odontology.

     This Fellowship offers a full range of instruction and experience in Forensic Odontology.

     Topics covered include radiographic and photographic imaging principles and interpretation, human dental identification, disaster victim identification, bitemark analysis and interpretation, recognition and management of dental aspects of abuse (child, adult, and elder, physical, sexual, and neglect), forensic autopsy, an overview of forensic anthropology, expert witness testimony, research methodology, and principles of relating to the legal system.
     The Fellowship is designed for dentists who seek education and practical experience in forensic dentistry that is more comprehensive than is possible during the biannual Southwest Symposium on Forensic Dentistry.

Faculty and Administration
David R. Senn, DDS, D-ABFO  (Director)
Paula C. Brumit, DDS, D-ABFO
J.P. Fancher, DDS, MS, PhD, D-ABFO
Kathleen A. Kasper, DDS, D-ABFO
Bruce A. Schrader, DDS, D-ABFO

Ninette Roberson
Academic Programs Coordinator 

Additional Faculty
Kimberley Molina, MD - Chief Medical Examiner,              Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas

     Applicants must have a DDS, DMD, or equivalent degree from an accredited institution and must pass a criminal background investigation. 

Term and Requirements
     The fellowship term will include 232 "on-campus" hours plus an equal or greater number of hours away from the campus.  Fellows will meet for 7-8 "long weekends in the 14-16 month fellowship period and attend the Southwest Symposium on Forensic Dentistry in even-numbered years. Casework and other projects will be assigned between on-campus visits. The fellowship is an intermittent, non-resident, program designed to allow participants to continue their current career track.

     Fellows shall complete an approved research study or research project that shall be presented orally to the Forensic Odontology Committee at the UT Health-San Antonio School of Dentistry and shall be submitted for presentation at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences or at a comparable national or international meeting. 

     A "Certificate of Completion of Fellowship in Forensic Odontology" will be issued by C.E.R.F. and the University of Texas Health Science Center- San Antonio specifying the hours of instruction; Hour-for-hour CE credit can be documented.  No academic credit is offered for this fellowship.  
     Upon successful completion of the Fellowship in Forensic Odontology a dentist will meet the education requirement for membership in the Odontology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) and will meet the education requirement for applying for certification by the American Board of Forensic Odontology (ABFO).

     Fellows will also be responsible for their costs of travel, lodging, equipment, software, supplies, and other expenses.
     The application form can be downloaded by clicking the "W" link below. Instructions for application are found by clicking the PDF icon below:

Email application to David R. Senn, DDS at
or contact Ninette Roberson at or
210 567-3341 

Notice: The next opportunity to apply for the fellowship will be announced here 

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